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  3. Your feedback is important to us! If you would like to provide constructive criticism or kudos regarding an experience or contact you’ve had with any employee of our agency, we’d welcome you to contact us: • Call non-emergency dispatch at 970-625-8095 and ask to speak with a Rifle Police Department supervisor. This is the most timely and efficient way to make a complaint. • Use the convenient forms below for concerns or compliments. Please allow five business days for a response, if one is requested. If you have not received a response after that time, please email us at • Stop by the police department at 201 East 18th Street, Rifle Colorado 81650 to speak with someone in person. Please note that only feedback relating to incidents involving the Rifle Police Department and our personnel should be reported here. PLEASE NOTE: This page should NOT be used to file a police report regarding suspicious or criminal activity. This page is intended to provide feedback regarding the conduct and performance of RPD employees. If you need to make a police report please call 970-665-6500 to speak with an officer.
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