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City of Rifle COVID-19 Restaurant Modification Loan Program


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Application
  3. 3. Statement of Understanding & Certification by Applicant
  • Step One

    1. Program Overview:

      The current COVID-19 pandemic has required the State of Colorado to institute strict operating guidelines for restaurants and, in order to follow these guidelines, many restaurants will need to implement a variety of interior and exterior modifications to their facilities. Restaurants will also be required to implement strict cleaning and operating procedures as well as other measures to ensure the safety of customers. This loan program is designed to help Rifle restaurants offset the costs of meeting the new requirements.

    2. To qualify for funding, restaurants must meet the following criteria:

      1. Applicant must be a primarily dine-in restaurant located within Rifle city limits. Priority will be given to restaurants not located on E. 3rd Street.
      2. Applicant must use the funds for interior or exterior modifications or expenses related to the new COVID -19 operating guidelines issued by the State of Colorado.
      3. Applicant must be in good standing with the City of Rifle and Garfield County Public Health.
      4. Applicant must provide a detailed accounting of the modifications and/or expenses for which the loan will be used including estimated costs.

    3. Loan payment/forgiveness clause:

      1. Loans will accrue interest at 3% per annum with no payments due for six months from origin date.
      2. Loans will be 100% forgiven if the borrower submits documentation showing payment of expenses shown in line-item budget within six months of origin date.

    4. Minimum/Maximum Loan Sizes:

      Maximum loan amount will be $5,000 based on documented need/approved uses of funds.

    5. Loan Fee:

      There will be no fees associated with the loan.

    6. Term:

      There will be no required principal or interest payments for the first six months of the loan. Should the loan fail to be forgiven, all principal and interest will be due two years from origin date.

    7. Collateral:

      The loan is unsecured but will require unlimited personal guarantees of any business owner with 20% or more ownership of the business.

    8. Draw Period:

      Borrower may fully-draw the loan within 24 hours of closing.

    9. NOTE:

      Many businesses will also need to fill out the Planning Department's - Temporary Business Modifications forum, which you can download by clicking here or going to: