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City of Rifle COVID-19 Non-Profit Grant Program


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Application
  3. 3. Statement of Understanding & Certification by Applicant
  • Step One

    1. Program Overview:

      The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has required the State of Colorado to institute strict operating guidelines for non-profit organizations and, in order to follow these guidelines, many non-profit organizations will need to implement a variety of safety measures. This loan program is designed to help Rifle non-profit organizations offset the costs of meeting the requirements.

    2. To qualify for funding, restaurants must meet the following criteria:

      1. Applicant must be a state registered 501(C) organization with a Rifle address. Must have been in operation March 1, 2020.
      If the 501(c) organization is does not have a Rifle address they MUST show that a minimum of 30 Rifle households have benefited from their services.
      Preference will be given to organizations with a Rifle address.
      2. Applicant must use the funds for Operating expenses during the COVID -19 pandemic.
      3. Applicant must be in good standing with the City of Rifle and State of Colorado.
      4. Applicant must provide a detailed accounting of the operating expenses the grant will be used including estimated costs.

    3. Grant Terms:

      1. Grantee shall provide to RREDC receipts or other documents requested by RREDC to ensure that the funds are spent, or are used to reimburse expenses incurred, in accordance with and for the purposes authorized by the CARES Act.

    4. Minimum/Maximum Grant Sizes:

      Maximum grant amount will be $3,000 based on documented need/approved uses of funds.

      You may apply for additional funds. Any additional funds applied for are not guaranteed and cause must be shown as to why these funds should be granted.

    5. Grant Fee/matching:

      There will be no fees or matching funds associated with the grant.

    6. Term:

      The Term of this Agreement shall be from the Effective Date until the RREDC has verified proper use of the Grant.

      In the event Grantee fails to comply with all of these conditions, Grantee shall be required to return the entire Grant amount to the RREDC.

    7. Collateral:

      The grant is unsecured but will require unlimited authorization of any business owner with 20% or more ownership of the business.

    8. Draw Period:

      Grantee may fully-draw the grant within 24 hours of closing.