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Current & Upcoming Construction Projects
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Most Notable Projects:

Centennial Parkway Bridge - decking replacement

  • The Centennial Parkway Bridge is the old Highway 6 Bridge that crosses Rifle Creek. The bridge was constructed circa 1958 and the decking is in need of replacement. The project will require the closure of the bridge while being replaced. Construction crews will begin mobilizing in December, but closures will not take place until after the holidays on January 4th, 2021. The bridge will remain closed until its completion which is expected to be in April. Local traffic should use Second Street as an alternative route. All Commercial Traffic shall use I-70 to exit 87 then proceed to the Highway 13 bypass.

Railroad Ave & Third Street - reconstruction

  • The reconstruction of Railroad Avenue andRailroad Ave and Third Street - Final Design Flyer jpg Opens in new window Third Street is currently going out to bid to contractors and the winning bid will be awarded in February. Once awarded, the City of Rifle and the successful bidder will be meeting with business owners to create a detailed schedule that best mitigates impacts to businesses. Third Street will have small quarter and half block closures to allow installation of utilities, but businesses will remain open throughout the construction. Please don’t let the construction be a deterrent to continual support of our local businesses.  Click here to view the Public Info Flyer.

All City Of Rifle Construction Projects with Traffic/Utility Impacts:

Below are the current Public Works Projects and Utility Projects taking place within the City of Rifle. They are organized by Projects with Traffic/Utility Impacts, Other City Of Rifle Projects and Development/Public Service projects. There is also ongoing design and planning for 2021 projects. For more information about current and future projects go to

Fravert and 5 Street

  • Location: Fravert Avenue and W 5 Street
  • Description: The project will rebuild the failing road up Fravert and Fifth Street to Fairway Avenue. A continuous sidewalk will be added up the hill to Fairway Avenue to provide a safe pedestrian corridor. The crosswalk will have what is referred to as a “bulb out”. The project will begin mid-June and will continue throughout the summer. 60% of this project’s funding came from the Garfield County Mineral Lease Grant.
  • Update: discovery of an antiquated waterline led to a replacement of waterline from Fravert Avenue and Fairway Avenue. The waterline is completing its final connection on August 18, 2020 and the reconstruction of the roadway will resume. Replacing the waterline resulted in a functioning fire hydrant that before was out of service and also added a new fire hydrant at the Coyote Apartments. Countless leaking valves and potentially failing pipe was replaced as well. Because of the time it took to replace the waterline it is expected that 5th Street will remain closed next week. Please use Tripp drive, 16th Street, or the bypass as a detour.
  • Start Time: July 20, 2020
  • Finish Time: October 2020

Graham Mesa Avenue

  • Location: Graham Mesa Avenue
  • Description: The project will rebuild Graham Mesa Avenue from 19th Street to the County line. There will be temporary closures and one-lane traffic.
  • Update: Graham Mesa Avenue has been completed. Thank you for everyone’s cooperation and patience.
  • Start Time: July 20, 2020
  • Finish Time: August  2020

16th Street Bridge

  • Location: 16th Street Bridge across Rifle Creek
  • Description: The metal decking below the sidewalks on the 16th Street Bridge has corroded and is going to be replaced. The new decking will receive waterproofing to ensure this failure does not occur again. This project will require the closure of the sidewalks and temporary one-lane traffic during construction. 
  • Start Time: August  2020
  • Finish Time: September  2020

Crack Sealing 2020

  • Location: South Rifle, Rifle Highlands, North Rifle
  • Description: The City of Rifle will be crack sealing all roads that need crack sealed over the next 3 years. This year will address roads in North and South Rifle. The work will begin in North Rifle and progress to the South. Flyers will be placed at all affected homes 1 week prior to beginning as vehicles will need to be moved off the street to perform the work.
  • Update: Crack Sealing in the Palomino Park Area is nearly complete and work will begin in Deerfield Park next week. Please stay out of cone zones and read flyers directing parked cars off of the streets.
  • Start Time: August 10th, 2020
  • Finish Time: September  2020

Centennial Bridge Rehabilitation

  • Location: Centennial Parkway 
  • Description: The Centennial Parkway Bridge is the old Highway 6 Bridge that crosses Rifle Creek. The bridge was constructed circa 1958 and the decking is in need of replacement. The project will require the closure of the bridge while being replaced. Residential traffic will use West Second Street and commercial truck traffic will use I-70.
  • Start Time: October 2020
  • Finish Time: March  2020

Swallow Lane Repairs

  • Location: Intersection of Highway 6 and Swallow Lane
  • Description: Heavy truck traffic has created potholes at the intersection of Highway 6 and Swallow Lane. A large concrete pad will be constructed to handle the loads of the trucks turning.
  • Start Time: July 2020
  • Finish Time: August  2020

3rd and East Avenue Repairs Street Repairs

  • Location: Intersection of E. 3rd Street and East Avenue
  • Description: Vehicles stopping has caused the asphalt to fail at the Intersection of E. 3rd Street and East Avenue.  A large concrete pad will be constructed to handle the loads of vehicles stopping at the intersection.
  • Start Time: July 2020
  • Finish Time: July  2020

Other City of Rifle Projects:

Wastewater Screw Press

  • Location: Wastewater Treatment Facility
  • Description: A screw press is being added to the wastewater treatment plant to improve its functionality. 
  • Start Time: August 10th
  • Finish Time: September  2020

Park Hill Storm Sewer Lining

  • Location: Steep Section above the Fravert and West 3rd Intersection 
  • Description: There is a failed storm sewer pipe on West Third Street that will be lined. The liner will stop the leaking and extend the life of the pipe.
  • Start Time: August 2020
  • Finish Time: September  2020

Park Hill Earth Retention

  • Location: Steep Section above the Fravert and West 3rd Intersection
  • Description: The Utility ROW connecting West 3rd above the Fravert Avenue intersection is being undermined by an unstable bank. The bank will be retained to ensure the utilities are not harmed. The project is still under design but is being accelerated to be completed prior to spring runoff.

Deerfield Water Tank Monitors

  • Location: Deerfield Water Tanks
  • Description: Continuous subsurface monitoring and analysis takes place at the water tanks above Deerfield to ensure their functionality and safety. 

Access Control Plan Amendment

  • There is an Access Control Plan that dictates how City of Rifle intersections with Highway 13 and Highway 6 function. The projections that were used to create the original access control plan have not happened which makes some of the intersections less functional. The primary intersection of concern is at 30th Street and Highway 13. To be able to fix the current plan there must be amendment. The amendment will allow full movement at the intersection of 30th Street which (when warrants allow) will permit a traffic signal.

Utility Capital Improvement Plan and Rate Study

  • All of the current wastewater and water infrastructure as well as new infrastructure that needs to be built is being evaluated to create a long term plan for both the utilities and the rates that it takes to keep them functioning. This is expected to be complete early 2021.

Right of Way Permit Updates

  • With aging public utilities and increases to the mandated amount of potholing requirements for Right of Way Permits are going to be updated to ensure that Streets are not being damaged. These updates will occur in 2020.

Ongoing Development and Public Utility Projects:

Scalzo Subdivision

  • Location: Monroe Avenue
  • Description: This subdivision is constructing 7 homes on the vacant land adjacent to Monroe Avenue. Currently the project is constructing utilities and infrastructure which will be complete by Fall of 2020.

21st Street NAPA

  • Location: Intersection of 21st Street and Highway 13 
  • Description: NAPA Auto is moving to the vacant lot at the intersection of 21st Street and Highway 13. CDOT requirements will require extensions to the existing medians to limit turning. All of 21st Street will also be replaced as a part of the project. 

Hospital Hill/Care Center

  • Location: E. 5th Street
  • Description: A new care center is being constructed as well as new water, storm sewer, and roadway on E 3rd Street. This requires the closure of E 3rd Street which will last until summer 2021.

Grand River Hospital

  • Location: Last Chance Drive
  • Description: A new patient wing is being added to Grand River Hospital. This required new water main installation all of which was completed by the Hospital. The total project will be complete in 2021.

Rifle Self Storage

  • Location: Airport Road
  • Description: An addition to Rifle Self Storage on Airport Road is being constructed. The addition requires a sewer connection that will require lane restrictions and patching on Airport Road. 

Nexius Communication Tower

  • Location: Water Tanks above Deerfield Park
  • Description: A new cell phone tower was created near the water tanks above Deerfield Park. Currently the towers are complete and landscape berms are being created at the adjacent property

Maxfield Senior Housing

  • Location: Ute Avenue and E 1st Street
  • Description: This project adds senior housing apartments as well as improved storm water and other public infrastructure. 

Excel Energy Repairs on 16th Street

  • Location: 16th Street
  • Description: Adding a new natural gas main required boring and potholing in Railroad Avenue and 16th Street. The roadway is currently being repaired and is going to be complete with the exception of 16th Street and Birch by July 20th.

Communication Wiring at the Roundabouts

  • Location: Roundabouts
  • Description: New communication wiring is to be pulled beneath the roundabouts. The project began without a permit and was shut down. It is currently working to get a permit. All of the construction will take place at night.
  • Update: Century Link is planning new communication wiring beneath the roundabouts. The project will occur primarily at night and is anticipated to begin next week.

Communication wiring at Highway 13

  • Century Link is planning new communication wiring along the bypass on the shoulder of Highway 13. This work is expected to begin after the completion of the wiring at the roundabouts.