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What does Employment with the City of Rifle Look Like? 

At the City of Rifle, being the employer of choice means more than a job or a paycheck. We go beyond providing competitive insurance coverage for you and your family, supporting a healthy work-life balance through paid leave benefits or offering contributions of up to 8% of annual wages toward your retirement. We even have more to offer than providing an inclusive environment in an atmosphere of engagement and support. At the City of Rifle, being the employer of choice means providing you with a future and a purpose. Come make a difference in your community and find fulfillment in your work!

About Our Community

Nestled in the Colorado River Valley, Rifle sits at the confluence of Rifle Creek and the Colorado River. The Rifle Creek Valley includes a superb golf course, stunning state parks, and world-class mountain climbing. Outside our back door are the towering cliffs of the Roan Plateau, the desert scrub of Hubbard Mesa and the high-alpine Flat Tops offering hiking and mountain bike trails for all levels. The Colorado River, Rifle Gap and Harvey Gap within close proximity allow access to a wide range of water activities. In town, experience a variety of restaurants, hotels, shopping amenities and the best new concert venue in Colorado at the historic Ute Theater. Rifle is where old west adventure meets new west lifestyle. All of this allows Rifle to be a place where residents enjoy true community values while experiencing an outdoor lifestyle. 

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Public Works

Other City Departments

The Rifle Police Department

Rifle Police Patrol VehicleInterested in Employment as a Police Dept. Team Member?

The Police Department promotes peace, safety, and well-being of our Rifle community. We do this though interaction, education and enforcement of the law. We offer the opportunity to join a dynamic and family oriented organization that enjoys the support of the community we serve. With a staff of almost 30 personnel doing a variety of jobs, such as patrol, investigations, records and evidence, animal control, and code enforcement. Within the patrol division are two K-9 officers and a school resource officer. Personnel are able to participate in several different specialty assignments: tactical teams, detectives, a multi-jurisdictional All Hazards Response Team, several instructor opportunities for things like FTO, firearms, driving, etc. Department personnel are also afforded opportunities for training and advancement.

Full-time employees experience competitive salaries and a generous benefits package. Contributions to retirement for sworn personnel are up to 15.5% of annual wages. Come join our team of professionals serving the beautiful community of Rifle.

Rifle Police Department Employment Opportunities Video

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Rifle Parks Department

Joyce Park.jpgInterested in Employment as a Parks Dept. Team Member?

The Rifle Parks Department plays a vital role in the city, in conjunction with the Recreation Department, to ensure that the community has fun in the place they call home. The Parks Department is responsible for the planning, care, and maintenance of several trails, playgrounds, open spaces, and parks in Rifle, including the world famous Rifle Mountain Park. The City takes tremendous pride in keeping our public parks in top shape for our community. We thrive in making our parks beautiful and accessible in every season to be enjoyed by all. Join us in preserving natural resources and wildlife habitat while providing open space for current and future generations. This department consists of many employees with a wide variety of skills, roles, and job titles including, but not limited to, Parks Maintenance Workers, Seasonal Parks Workers, a Park Irrigation Technician, a Building Maintenance Worker, Grounds and Facilities Workers, Administrative Assistant, our Parks & Recreation Director, and Parks and Facilities Maintenance Manager.

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Rifle Recreation Department

hands.jpgInterested in Employment as a Recreation Dept. Team Member?

The Recreation Department is dedicated to making fun happen. From kids and adult sport programs, to camping, to swimming, to live concerts and comedy shows; they do it all. As a community, we aim to produce quality programming for all ages and ability levels. The Recreation Department seeks to enhance the quality of life for Rifle residents through positive recreational activities and experiences with focus on equal participation and sportsmanship. Comprised of several employees who contribute to the overall success of the department, some of the positions in this department include Recreation Coordinators, Seasonal Recreation Workers (Officials, Supervisors, Coaches, Umpires), Bus Drivers, our Recreation Program Manager, Administrative Assistant, and our Parks & Recreation Director.

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Rifle Utilities Department (Water & Wastewater)

Water Treatment Plant 10-2016Interested in Employment as a Utilities Dept. Team Member?

The Utilities Department consists of 16 employees who are encouraged to provide input to guide the direction of the department and to take ownership of projects and accomplishments. We believe training is important and provide training for certification levels above and beyond the requirements of the position, as well as utilize cross training to help use become a more cohesive unit. Team members are encouraged to grow their skills by developing group activities and games for monthly staff lunches. These activities are used to help newer team members become comfortable in their position by allowing senior team members the opportunity to share knowledge in a fun, personal setting to compliment the conventional approach to hands-on field work. Positions within our Utilities Department include Utility Crew Leaders, Water and Wastewater Plant Supervisors, Water and Wastewater Operators, Utility Technicians, a Utility Maintenance Mechanic, a Meter Reading and Billing Coordinator, a Program Specialist, and our Utility Director. 

Water Plant Tour Video

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Rifle Public Works Department

Rifle Railroad Ave Interested in Employment as a Public Works Dept. Team Member?

The City of Rifle Public Works Department is comprised of two sub-departments, Operations and Maintenance and Fleet Maintenance. This department consists of several Operations and Maintenance Technicians, our Public Works Administrative Assistant, Construction and Street Crew Supervisors, our O&M Supervisor, our Fleet Mechanic, GIS Coordinator, and Public Works Director who all work very hard to keep the community moving! In addition to maintenance and repair of roadways, we take charge of snow removal on city roads. If the US Mail Service's motto is, "...through wind, snow and rain...", our motto is, "Making sure they can!". O&M has a can-do attitude regardless of the size of job and touches the lives of every citizen, business, and visitor in the City of Rifle.

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Other City Departments

Interested in Employment with Other City Departments & Teams?

If you are looking for a place where you can make a difference in the everyday lives of community members; where no two days will be the same; where you can build a better tomorrow; where you matter....Come help us build the Rifle of tomorrow while serving the community of today!

City Clerk and City Manager Office


The Finance Department consists of an Accountant, Senior Accountant, Administrative Assistant, and the Finance Director. This department is responsible for budget preparation, managing accounts payable, sales tax collection, central accounting and financial reporting

Human Resources

Our Human Resources Department consists of an Administrative Assistant, Human Resources Coordinator, and Human Resources Director. Human Resources is responsible for labor relations, succession planning, management of wages and payroll, records management, and management of compensation and benefits. One of the primary roles of HR is the recruitment, selection, placement, retention, and development of every organization's most valuable asset: EMPLOYEES! Human Resources also assists supervisors in management performance of employees and investigates any employee concerns or complaints.

Building and Planning

Community Access Multimedia/Channel 10

The City of Rifle's Community Access Multimedia Department has the unique assignment of collaborating with Rifle organizations and individuals in an effort to produce and distribute hyper-local and non-commercial media/multimedia content in three strategic content categories: governmental decision-making, community ownership. and community information/affairs. This department manages the web development and operations of the City's community website, (, as well as the City's civic website, ( They are also the coordinators of our local community access television station, Channel 10. This department consists of the Community Access TV Manager, the Community Access Multimedia Assistant Manager, and several Production Assistants.

Municipal Court

Engineering and Construction Inspection

Information Technologies (IT)

Grounds & Facilities

Rifle Metro Pool

Senior Center

Ute Theater & Event Center

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