Youth Cheerleading is currently out of season.  Check back in April 2018 for updated information.

Ready to scream and shout?!  If you are, then come out this summer and learn from out amazing coaches!  You will be introduced to the basics of cheerleading and taught exciting routines and fun cheers.  There are three classifications depending on the age.  Beginner will be ages 5 to 9, intermediate is ages 10 to 12, and advanced will include ages 12 to 14.

Registration is from April 10th to June 2nd.  You can download the registration form here, and bring it to the office to register.  No online registration is available due to uniform sizing.  Come by the office with the participant to ensure a proper fitting uniform.

The fee is $70 and includes a uniform and poms that you will get to keep.  Discounts are available if you have a uniform form last year, or just need certain pieces!

Practices will be held every Monday and Tuesday from June 5th to August 7th from 330pm to 430pm at Metro Park.

There will be 5 performances!

Independence Day Parade - TBA

Senior Center Performance - TBA

Garfield County Fair Parade - TBA

Colorado State Veteran's Home - TBA

Rifle Bears Football Game Halftime Show - TBA

If you are interested in helping coach, simply fill out the below forms and bring them by the recreation office.

Coach Contact Information

Background Check Release Form