Rifle Tri-fle

Rifle Tri-fle

The third annual Rifle Tri-fle is a super sprint triathlon based out of Metro Park.  The 450 yard swim will take place with heated timing at Art Dague Pool and Waterslide.  After splashing out of the water, racers will mount bicycles and embark on a 10-kilometer journey.  After hurriedly stowing bikes, racers will then set out on their 2.5-kilometer run, and taking everyone back to the start at Metro Park.

For more detailed route information, click below.

Teams are welcome, you may call to set up a team or when registering, or online an option to create or join a team is presented.  If your team consists of only 2 people, with one person completing 2 separate legs, you must call or stop by the office or pool to complete registration.
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Rifle Trifle 2018 Results