Backflow Prevention

Dear City of Rifle Water Utility Customers,

With irrigation season upon us many people are wondering if they need their backflow prevention assemblies tested.  Recently there have been changes to the CDPHE Primary Drinking Water Regulations.  Please see below for answers regarding backflow prevention.

The latest edition of the CDPHE regulation 11 (primary drinking water regulations) requires water systems to survey and have assembly tests performed on all non-single family residential units.  At this time we are working to change our existing ordinance to reflect updates to CDPHE regulations.  In regards to single family residential units we are working on that and determining how to address them via plumbing codes, while we work towards that goal we will focus primarily on compliance with regulation 11 which relates only to non- single family residential units. The policy 7 document from the health department states

Single-family-residential connections pose a relatively low risk to the distribution system based on the volume of water contained in the plumbing system. Local plumbing codes, which are enforced by the local jurisdiction having authority over plumbing within residential structures, are in place to protect private residences from typical residential cross connections. If the local jurisdiction having authority requires that a backflow prevention assembly or backflow prevention method be installed, it is generally the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain the assembly or method”


We are currently surveying all non-single family residential units and will notify single family residential owners of updates to ordinances once they are complete and owners of single family residential units should get their devices tested if


  • They utilize fertilizer injection or chemical injection on their irrigation system
  • Their irrigation system is directly connected to both a city water supply and a non-potable supply (ditch water, etc.)
  • Their irrigation system has a pump connected to it
  • They receive notice from the City Of Rifle requiring a test
  • They have a water feature such as a pond, fountain, direct plumbing to a swimming pool or hot tub

Outside of these parameters, at this time and until further notice, owners of single family residential units may acquire backflow assembly testing services from a private contractor if they want to make sure that their residential plumbing system is properly protected from potential sources of contamination within their own system

For additional information or if you would like your single family residential unit scheduled for a site survey please contact Robert Burns via email