Building Department

Snow Load
Wind Speed 
Seismic Design
Weathring Frost Line Depth Termite
40 psi 90 mph C Severe 36" Slight/mod
Decay Winter Design
Ice Shield
Flood Hazard Air Freezing 
Mean Annual
Slight -2 F Required Yes/10-15-85 2500 48 F
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  A COMPLETE set of plans, as listed on the permit application, is required.  The City of Rifle is under the 2009 International Codes.  If you don't know if a permit is required or not on a project, or need any help, please give the City of Rifle Building Department a call at 970-665-6461. 

NOTE:  The City is in the process of adopting the 2015 International Building Codes.  This should be completed Mid April 2018. 

Environmental Hazards
During construction builders are encouraged to identify and mitigate common environmental hazards.  Resources are available locally to provide assistance. Contact the following organizations for assistance with:

Asbestos: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment  website 

Radon: Garfield County Environmental Health - (970)665-6383 

Mill Tailings: Garfield County Environmental Health - (970)625-5200; Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment - Grand Junction Office - (970)248-7164 

Indoor Air Quality: Garfield County Environmental Health - website 

Lead: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment   - website