Deerfield Regional Park - Phase 1

Project update:
Water and sewer lines were installed by City crews last fall.  Concrete and Masonry work for the concession building is complete.  Inlets for drainage, french drains, and storm drain pipes have been installed. Currently outside electrical and communication conduit is being run to dugouts and light poles/  Holes for parking lot lights have been bored and pole bases are being formed.
Upper level framing has been started.

The project includes a concession building which includes, public restrooms, elevated press box/announcers booth.  Also, water, sewer, and electrical infrastructure, parking lot lighting, an elevated 3-section bleacher system (ADA accessible), landscaping, crusher fine paths, drainage grading, concrete plaza with sports-themed bollards, and landscape islands with seat walls. 
If the project goes well technically and fiscally, an add-alternate may be at grade dugouts that match the concession building--perhaps expanded plaza and landscaping may be completed.