Types of Tickets

Infraction Traffic Tickets
Infraction Tickets are penalty assessment tickets, which are given out for a traffic violations and which are 4 points or less.  Usually this ticket will have an amount due near the bottom of the ticket.  If the ticket is paid  within 20 days, you will receive an automatic point reduction as listed below.

If the citation is for an offense or infraction that is not traffic related, this provision does not apply.

Automatic Point Reductions
  • For a violation having an assessment of 3-4 points, and not being a criminal traffic offense, the points will be reduced by 2 points.
  • For a violation having an assessment of 2 points, the points will be reduced by 1 point.
Payment/Failure to Pay
Once we receive payment, your ticket is processed and a copy is sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Failure to pay on an Infraction Ticket will result in your case being "Defaulted" and a hold will be placed on your Driver's License and possibly a bench warrant being issued for your arrest.

Parking Tickets
Parking Tickets are usually placed on your vehicle's windshield. According to the payment envelope, (which is yellow) payment must be paid within 7 days. After 7 days, a $10 late charge will be added to your account and a summons and complaint could be issued against you.

"Notice to Correct" Tickets

These are tickets that you can either pay a fine or get the violation repaired. The Officer will check the "notice to correct/equipment repair order" on the front of your ticket. You have the option to pay the amount of the fine or get the violation corrected.

Proof of Correction
The charge will be dismissed upon correction of the violation by providing satisfactory proof of correction to the Rifle Police Department within 20 days from the date on the ticket. After the correction has been certified by an officer who will sign the back of the ticket, the ticket must be delivered to the Rifle Municipal Court or postmarked within 20 days of the date of the ticket. Submitting a properly completed Notice to Correct within 20 days will result in dismissal of those violations.

Criminal Traffic Tickets
These are usually issued due to an accident or not having Compulsory Insurance in your vehicle. All vehicle accidents require a mandatory court appearance per the Rifle Municipal Code. Criminal traffic offenses do not qualify for any point reductions.

Usually criminal traffic tickets are 4 points or higher. Failure to appear on a Criminal Traffic case will result in a Bench Warrant being issued for your arrest and a hold placed on your Driver's License.

Compulsory Insurance tickets
These tickets require that you contact your insurance company and obtain a letter stating that on the date and time that you were stopped, your vehicle was covered by insurance. The letter must also have the make, model, year of vehicle and the VIN number listed. The Judge will not accept insurance cards. You must obtain the insurance letter with the specific date and time covered.

Once the court receives the letter, the charge will be dismissed and you will have to pay an Administrative fee of $10. Please note that if you did have proof of insurance, you can bring that letter in prior to the court date and take care of your ticket. Once the ticket is taken care of, it vacates the court hearing.

Criminal Tickets
Criminal Tickets are citations that have a mandatory court appearance. These types of tickets are usually for Assaults, Theft, Minor in Possession of Alcohol, Vicious Animals, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Serving or Selling Alcohol to a minor, etc. Failure to appear for this type of charge will result in a Bench Warrant being issued for your arrest.

Non-Criminal Park Infractions
These are citations that are given when a violation has taken place in one of the "City Parks" or up at the Rifle Mountain Park. The most common charge is "Helmets Required" at the Skate Action Park. Usually these types of citations have a fine attached to them. Failure to pay could result in a "default" being issued and possibly a bench warrant. 

Please check your summons. If your summons:
  • Was written by a Rifle Police Officer, and
  • States you are to appear at Rifle Municipal Court
    201 East 18th Street
    Rifle, CO 81650
Then you have been properly written into Rifle Municipal Court. If there is no payment amount indicated, the summons is not payable and a court appearance is mandatory.

Failure to pay or appear will result in a bench warrant for your arrest and/or your driver’s license being suspended.

If your summons was written by State Patrol or a Deputy Sheriff you need to contact Garfield County Court 970-625-5100, or go to:
Garfield Associate County Court
200 East 18th Street
Rifle, CO 81650