Campaign Finance

Here is information that municipal candidates, candidate committees, non candidate committees, and independent expenditure committees need to know to comply with the Fair Campaign Practices Act (FCPA) and Colorado Constitutional Amendment 27, Campaign and Political Finance.

View the online Colorado Campaign and Political Finance Manual (PDF) published by the Colorado Secretary of State. The manual includes both the FCPA (Article 45, Title 1, Colorado Revised Statutes) and Amendment 27 (Article XXVIII, Colorado Constitution). Please take the Secretary’s suggestion on page 2 and start at the end of the manual, reading these 2 items first.

Colorado’s campaign and political finance laws require candidates and committees to file certain reports with the City Clerk’s office. These are the report forms that candidates and committees are most likely to use:

Do not file with the secretary of state. All FCPA forms for municipal elections must be filed with the City Clerk.

Section 10(2)(a) of the Campaign Finance Act requires that the City Clerk impose a penalty of $50 per day if these forms are not filed by the close of business on the date they are due. Please be sure to file your reports on time.