Current Projects

Investing appropriately in our water and wastewater systems improves customer service, water quality, and water reliability. The following projects have been recently completed or are underway:

Bulk Water Station #2
A bulk water station to serve primarily water trucks has been established near the Rifle Regional Wastewater Reclamation Facility. This is a credit card only station, dispensing potable water by selecting one of several pre-set dollar values.

Water Treatment Facility
Construction is underway at the Rifle Regional Water Purification Facility (RRWPF), which will consolidate treatment operations from the Graham Mesa WTP and the Beaver Creek WTP, in addition to improving the quality of potable water.  The new facility will remove iron and manganese, provide better coagulation and sedimentation, and filter the water to a much higher degree.  The new facility will have a greater degree of reliability and redundancy and will allow Rifle to meet future regulations and a reasonable amount of community growth.  

Salinity Study
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment required the City to perform a study to examine salinity issues associated with the City's wastewater system due to the amount of salt discharged.  The City has completed this study and expects to receive a waiver from requirements to reduce salinity in its discharge and is pursuing a permit modification in this regard.

Mechanical Bar Screen
Construction is complete at the South Wastewater Pump Station, west of Rifle Village South, where a mechanical bar screen has been installed to remove solids and trash from the wastewater stream.  This will reduce the possibility of these types of items from entering and damaging the pump station, wet well, pumps and force main under the Colorado River.

Water Efficiency Plan
The City is currently preparing its 2016 Water Efficiency Plan to comply with the Colorado Water Conservation Board and funding agency requirements.   View the 2008 water conservation plan here

2 MG Water Storage Tank
A new two million gallon (mg) tank has been constructed adjacent to the existing 3 million gallon (mg) tank in north Rifle to facilitate replacement of the 3mg tank and to add storage volume to the water system.  The new tank was placed into service in late December of 2015 after 5 months of construction.

3 MG Water Storage Tank
The 3 million gallon (mg) tank will be replaced in a project that commences in the 2nd quarter of 2016.  The 3mg tank is in poor condition and an economic evaluation supports construction of a new 3mg tank as a wiser financial decision than rehabilitation of the existing tank.

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