Greater Rifle Improment Team page iconGreater Rifle Improvement Team (GRIT) Advisory Board

General Info:

Regular Meetings

  • Noon
  • 2nd Tuesday of every month
  • City Hall
    202 Railroad Avenue
    Rifle, CO 81650


Formed as a result of a lodging tax that was passed in 2007.  GRIT makes recommendations to the City Council on the use of the Visitor Improvements Fund (VIF) which monies are designated for the development and marketing of visitor improvements and attractions, special events and beautification projects in the City, historic preservation, and the general promotion of the City.

The GRIT Board members are appointed by the City Council and serve three-year terms.

The GRIT Board members shall be comprised as follows:

Five (5) members, one (1) of whom shall serve as an alternate, who are citizens residing within the City of Rifle or are representatives of businesses located within the City. Hotel, restaurant, retail businesses and members of historic preservation groups are preferred, but not required.

A representative of the Downtown Development Authority; a representative of the Rifle Area Chamber of Commerce; and a representative of the Rifle Regional Economic Development Corporation.

The City Council shall also appoint a liaison from the Rifle City Council to attend GRIT Advisory Board meetings as a non-voting participant.

Board Members

  • Kevin Kelley, Chair
  • Angela Strode, Vice Chair
  • Kristine Llacuna, Secretary
  • Paul Rice

  • Michael Langhorne  (RREDC)  
  • Kasey Nispel  (RACC)
  • Helen Rogers  (DDA)
  • Barb Clifton  (City Council)
  • Garrick Frontella

Grant Application Information:

All forms can be submitted to Nathan Lindquist, Planning Director for the City of Rifle at, or 202 Railroad Avenue, Rifle, CO 81650. If you have any questions about the application, please contact Nathan Lindquist at 970-665-6499.

The Visitor Improvement Fund Advisory Board has three grant cycles per year: April, August, and December. The Board requires applicants/representatives of the applying organization to appear in person at the meeting following the grant deadline. Please take note of the table below:

Application Deadline Applicant Appearence and Presentation Date Board Votes on Grant
February 28th  2nd Tuesday in March  2nd Tuesday in April
June 30th 2nd Tuesday in July 2nd Tuesday in August
October 31st 2nd Tuesday in November 2nd Tuesday in December