Projects Under Design / Construction**

*Budget Pending
**Timeframes and costs shown are approximate and subject to change
Project Major Scope Bid Month Const Time ~COST/TIME
Centennial Blvd Road Rebuild, drainage (see map) TBD Summer 19 $800,000
2019 WSI
Construction of 24" Water Trans.
April 2019
Summer 19
$2.5 M
Asphalt Patching 2019 Rebuild/Patch Whiteriver Avenue, 24th Pl, East Ave, Dakota Ct, Fairway Ave, Firethorn Dr, and Birch Ave July 2019 Fall 19 $500,000
3d Street and Railroad Ave Road Rebuild, Utilities, Streetscape April 2020 Summer 20 TBD
5th Street and Fravert Blvd Road Rebuild, Utilities, Added Sidewalk May 2020 Summer 20 TBD