Projects Under Design / Construction**

*Budget Pending
**Timeframes and costs shown are approximate and subject to change
Project Major Scope Bid Month Const Time ~COST/TIME
2019 WSI
Construction of 24" Water Trans.
April 2019
Summer 19
$2.5 M
3d Street and Railroad Ave Road Rebuild, Utilities, Streetscape April 2020 Summer 20 TBD
5th Street and Fravert Blvd Road Rebuild, Utilities, Added Sidewalk May 2020 Summer 20 750k
Airport Road Maintenance Seal Airport Road Surface as Preventative Maintenance May 2020 Summer 2020 175k
16th Street Bridge Remove and replace existing Decking, Install waterproofing, Re-route deck drains November 2020 Summer 2020 50k
Graham Mesa Ave Grade and Chip Seal Graham Mesa Avenue January 2020 Summer 2020 75k
Centennial Pkwy Bridge over Rifle Creek Remove and Replace Centennial Bridge and improve current stream flows January 2020 Fall 2020 1M

3d Street Project Information