Projects Under Design / Construction**

*Budget Pending
**Timeframes and costs shown are approximate and subject to change
Project Major Scope Bid Month Const Time ~COST/TIME
Airport Water Tank New Tank, Rehab Existing Tank Bid Closed Ongoing $3M
Park Hill Earth Retention Bank Stabilization at Fravert Ave Dec 2022 Spring 2023 $110k
Gateway Intersection Signals, Lighting, Road Const. 2023 2023-2024 $4M
Park and Ride Utilities and Road Cons. 2023 2023-2024 $3.5M
2023 Asphalt Patching Road Construction Early 2023 2023 $250k
2023 HA5 Asphalt Coating Early 2023 2023 $200k
2023 Crack Seal Crack Seal Early 2023 2023 $50k
2023 Chip Seal Chip Seal Early 2023 2023 $250k
5th St and Ute Ave Utilities and Road Cons. 2024 2024/2025 $850k
Railroad Ave 5th to 9th Utilities and Road Cons. Spring 2024 2024 $2.5M
Whiteriver Ave Utilities and Road Cons. Spring 2025 2025 $1.1M
Morrow Drive Road Construction Spring 2025 2025 $650k
Tripp Drive Road Construction Spring 2026 2026 $350k

Project Documents