Watershed Protection District

Watershed Protection Plan
The City of Rifle's Watershed Protection District was created to protect the City's water supply and water quality.

Source Water Protection Plan
Source Water Protection for the Colorado River Partnership (SWPCRP) serves five community water systems: The Town of New Castle, Talbott Enterprises, the Town of Silt, the City of Rifle, and the Town of Parachute.


The drinking water system operators shared many goals related to their common use of the Colorado River for a drinking water supply. During the months of April 2011 to January 2013, three stakeholder meetings and eleven steering committee meetings were held in each of the municipalities, encouraging participation from local public representatives, water operators, government, and industry. This group comprised the Source Water Protection Steering Committee. The focus of the Source Water Protection Plan is primarily on education, outreach, and communication; not regulation. The ability to promote the Source Water Protection Plan (SWPP) rests solely with local communities and governments.

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