Sprinkler System Permitting

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Charlotte Squires
Administrative Assistant
202 Railroad Ave.
Rifle, CO   81650
(970) 625-6227

The City of Rifle Cross Connection Control Program requires all sprinkler systems in the City of Rifle to have gone through the sprinkler permit application process and have a back-flow device installed. Once a year all back-flow devices must be tested by a certified back-flow technician. A list of certified testers is below:

Back-flow Tester List

Requirements for Back-flow Device Installation and Testing

Cross Connection Control Overview

Sprinkler System Permit Application

Electronic Submittal Instructions:
Fill out the form in it's entirety. Type name on signature line. Click on submit button. You will be prompted for your name and email address. The form will then go to you email box for you to send. This allows you to attach any additional drawings and description pages as necessary prior to sending. Fees will still have to be mailed in or called in for us to run a credit card. If you need any additional assistance please call: Maryann at 970-665-6555.