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The City of Rifle's Community Access Multimedia department oversees Rifle Community TV (a community access cable, web, & streaming app channel), and (a community access website).

About Rifle Community TV (RCTV):
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Rifle Community TV (RCTV) is a government access channel as provided for in the Telecommunications Policy Act of 1984.

Although RCTV is not a public access channel, RCTV is committed to providing the Residents of the Rifle Community a variety of local, informational and non-commercial based programming.

RCTV Objectives:

  • To provide live and taped gavel-to-gavel coverage of Rifle City Council, Rifle Planning Commission, and other local government meetings
  • To provide programs from government, educational institutions, community organizations, and individuals that RCTV, within its sole discretion, deems to be in the public interest.
  • To provide an electronic bulletin board for announcements and community information.
  • To serve as an information source during local emergencies.
  • To provide programming that is non-commercial in nature.
  • We also teach TV production skills so individuals and organizations can produce their own programs.


Community Bulletin Board

  • PSA Information that is of interest to Rifle’s Residents
  • No Commercial Advertising

Meetings of Public Interest

  • *Rifle City Council
  • *Rifle Planning Commission
  • Energy Advisory Board (EAB)
  • RE-2 Board of Education
  • Park & Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB)
  • Garfield County Commission (GarCO)
  • Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado (AGNC)
  • Northwest Colorado Oil & Gas Forum (NW-CO O&G)
  • and Others
* = Televised “Live”

Community Events

  • Community and Public Events / Gatherings. - e.g. (Rifle Rendezvous, Relay for Life, Veterans Day Assembly, Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt)

Arts & Culture

  • Theater, Dance, Comedy and Musical Performances; Public Interviews and Tours, Parades and Fairs. - e.g. (St. Mary Performance Series, ArtillumA Dance Showcase, Garfield County Fair Parade)

School Activities

  • Concerts, Shows, Plays, Sports, Senior Seminars, Special Gatherings, and Graduation

Educational / Informational

  • Workshops, Presentations, and Documentaries

Senior Programs

  • Senior Educational and Informational Material.

Chamber of Commerce Activities

  • Chamber Business, Meetings, and Events.

Other Sponsored Media

  • Sponsored Videos should fall under one of the above categories, and be of interest to Rifle’s Residents.
  • No Commercial Advertising
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RCTV is also part of a project called and the project is all about helping Rifle’s Residents staying informed & being part of the guiding influence on how Rifle grows and changes in the future. So add Your Voice, and be part of the conversation.