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  1. Summer Construction Update (7-15-19)

    City of Rifle Summer Construction Update (7/15/19)

    • Raw Water Main Line (HW 6 between Mile Pond Road & Hospital Hill) • Centennial Parkway (utilities, landscaping & streets) • Street Maintenance throughout the City • Other Organization Infrastructure projects Read on...
  2. Upcoming Events - Parks and Rec

    The City of Rifle Parks & Recreation Department announces a number of upcoming events

    Including Pony Express Kids Mini Triathlon, Rifle Tri-fle, and Rifle Aquatics 50th Celebration 1969 to 2019! Read on...
  3. Official Candidates for 2019 Rifle Municipal Election

    Official Candidates for 2019 Rifle Municipal Election

    There are 3 City Council seats up for election. The following 7 individuals have filed Nomination Petitions with the City Clerk’s office to run for City Council in the 2019 Municipal Election. The seven candidates are... Read on...
  4. US 6 CHIP SEAL Project
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  1. Rush Hour on the Colorado River

    What a difference a year makes! This time last year, we were busy putting out information about open burning, fireworks bans and wildfire prevention. It was so hot and dry it seemed the entire state was on fire. In fact, according to the Forest...

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  2. No Hot Dogs This Summer!

    Don’t worry! That doesn’t mean there are no more Oscar Meyer weiners or Johnsonville brats. Hopefully, it does mean that pet owners won’t leave their dogs in the car this summer. Community Service Officer Dawn Neely of the Rifle Police Department...

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  3. Rifle’s Newest Police Officer is a Perfect Fit

    “I enjoy hunting, camping, fishing, target shooting and taking my yellow lab, Tebow, to the park.”  This was the response received from Rifle’s newest police officer, Josh Allison, when asked about hobbies and interests. Perfect. Rifle can certainly...

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