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City of Rifle's Humanity Restoration Crew is at it again!  After an overwhelmingly positive response, the crew created another humorous tongue-in-cheek video to encourage people to "smile, wave and greet" when they pass by friends or strangers. Featuring a parody of higher education in the form of specific classes that "teach" students the basic skills of socializing. Check out both this training video and the original music video at www.rifleco.org/wave.

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  1. 2021-RifleSocialmedia3

    Railroad Ave & 3rd Street Improvements

    UPDATED INFO: • Access to west 2nd Street • Sidewalks on west 3rd Street • East 3rd Street schedule • Parking area north of the Rifle House Read on...
  2. Smile, Greet and Wave 101

    "Smile, Greet & Wave 101" - The Rifle Humanity Restoration Crew releases new video

    The crew created another tongue-in-cheek video to encourage people to "smile, wave & greet" when passing by others. Featuring a parody of higher education in a class that "teach" students the skills of socializing. Watch to video @ www.rifleco.org/wave Read on...

    Spring Cleanup 2021 is officially a “GO.”

    Cleanup will begin Monday, April 19 through Friday, April 23 for East Rifle (everything east of Railroad Ave,) and Monday, April 26 through Friday, April 30 for West and South Rifle. Read on...
  4. Construction Update

    I-70 Gateway Beautification Project

    The I-70 gateway beautification project will begin this month. The goal of the plan is to create a clean look for the roundabouts and a welcoming entrance into the City. The final design includes lighting & landscaping at all corners of the intersection. Read on...
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