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City of Rifle's Humanity Restoration Crew is at it again!  After an overwhelmingly positive response, the crew created another humorous tongue-in-cheek video to encourage people to "smile, wave and greet" when they pass by friends or strangers. Featuring a parody of higher education in the form of specific classes that "teach" students the basic skills of socializing. Check out both this training video and the original music video at www.rifleco.org/wave.

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  1. 2021-RifleSocialmedia3

    Railroad Ave & 3rd Street Improvements project

    HIGH POINTS: • RAILROAD AVE. TEMPORARILY REOPENING • The road will remain open throughout the County Fair, but will then close again to complete the new concrete installation • East 3rd Street to East Ave will remain closed ... Additional Info...
  2. I-70 Gateway Beautification Project

    I-70 Gateway Beautification Project

    The goal of the plan is to create a clean look for the roundabouts and a welcoming entrance into the City. The final design includes lighting & landscaping at all corners of the intersection. Additional Info...
  3. Hahn Makes a Final Wave

    Hahn Makes a Final Wave

    Rifle's City Manager and founder of the City of Rifle Humanity Restoration Crew will be sharing his smiles & waves with a new audience. Scott Hahn will be transitioning out of his position as City Manager over the next several months. Click to Read More… Read on...
  4. Armed Robbery at Rifle Rest Area

    An armed robbery occurred on July 22, at about 12:11am in the Lyon’s Pond rest area in Rifle. A male approached the victim, brandished a knife, & demanded money. The suspect left on foot without taking anything from the victim. Read more... Read on...
  5. City of Rifle Temporary Change in Water Source v2

    City of Rifle Temporary Change in Water Source

    The City ordinarily draws our drinking water from the Colorado River which is then placed into supply ponds. Due to the ongoing drought, low river flows and warm river temperatures, there have been algal blooms in both the river and the supply ponds... Read on...
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